Why Use In Home Ballet Bars?

Should you buy an at home ballet bar or take a bar class? Lets take a look at some of the reasons why you should install at in home ballet bar.

  1. Price – you can purchase a quality in home ballet bar for under $100. While most barre classes will range anywhere from $30-$70 per class! Some people worry that the in home ballet bar set up is going to be difficult or dangerous – don’t worry, we have a solution! There are portable, no install ballet bars available.At the fraction of the cost of a barre class!
  1. Privacy – If you don’t enjoy going to the gym – with other people, germs and an overwhelming amount of equipment options – then an in home ballet bar system is an excellent option for you. If you prefer working out on your own, check out the many DVD workouts that feature a ballet bar. Or if you just want to enjoy your own dance routines, an in home ballet bar offers privacy and security.
  1. Variation – with workout classes, you’re paying a lot of money for very few options. You pay upfront and hope you enjoy the routines you’re going to learn. With an in home ballet bar, YOU get to decide what routines and workouts you want to do. You set the pace, the agenda and how often you get to switch things up. It’s the FUN workout option that you control.

In home ballet bars offer a cost effective, safe and fun alternative to taking dance or workout classes. Check out our reviews of the 4 best in home ballet bars for under $100.